Face reality folks, YOU’RE DOOMED! But then you folks can’t face reality so for sure you are DOOMED! You BOZOS keep flying gigantic VACUUM MACHINES called jet engine airplanes and rockets that SUCK UP AND THEN HEAT UP AND THEN POLLUTE our upper atmosphere where clouds are formed. Theses jet planes suck in enough air to fill a Astrodome size stadium in 2 minutes! If you were to stack the Astrodome stadiums on top of each other it would take about a stack of 43 Astrodome stadiums to reach the part of our atmosphere where clouds are formed. ALL of this sucked in air is heated up from 800 degrees to 1200 degrees for passenger airplanes. Military jet planes exhaust ranges from 1200 degrees to 2500 degrees! Rockets are much hotter! The Space Shuttle was as HOT AS THE SUN! ALL of these flying machines pollute our atmosphere with exhaust that contains many harmful ingredients that causes nature to not be able to combine the right ingredients in the atmosphere’s air to make clouds. Nature needs a certain level of moisture in the air to make clouds. When YOU DAILY suck out moisture from the atmosphere it leaves less moisture in the atmosphere to MAKE CLOUDS! And when you FACE REALITY you will realize that CLOUDS are NATURE’S ONLY way to provide the Earth with a shield of some kind to deflect the hot heat waves that emit millions of miles away from this great ball of fire we call the Sun! But you BOZOS constantly daily fly 90,000 of these polluting PASSENGER jet engine airplanes and who knows how many military planes, into our atmosphere where clouds are formed and fly them around for HOURS as YOU SUCK UP, HEAT UP AND POLLUTE OUR ATMOSPHERE! ALSO you BOZOS are flying who knows how many hotter military airplanes, rockets and weapons of all kinds which also adds to our heated atmosphere. Folks, with ALL the heat and pollutants that you have emitted over time into our atmosphere we have tipped the atmospheric moisture content balance that nature needs to produce CLOUDS AND RAIN and tipped nature into a weather pattern where nature can’t produce enough atmospheric moisture to create clouds and rain and instead now nature is geared to be so that since there is less clouds the Sun can now more easily reach the Earth’s surface and heat up our planet which causes nature to then enter a cycle where the Sun will evaporate water from the planet constantly but nature will only be able to produce a limited amount of clouds or no clouds in most areas. But these clouds won’t produce rain but instead will evaporate from the heat of he Sun. This is how planets turn from having moisture like Earth to not having moisture like Mars or Venus or other planets. So the combination of the jet planes and rockets have heated up our atmosphere since the 1960’s to the point where the weakest link in the Earth’s ice formations which is permafrost has been melting in mass since the 1960’s and that warmer melted permafrost water has been leaking into the North Pole’s ice region where it has since the 1960’s been melting the ice in the North Pole! As the WARMER melted water from the melted North Pole ice started circulating around the world since the 1960’s the oceans and the South Pole waters also started heating up. As waves gulped in more hot air the oceans heated up more. Also Humans cut down many trees around the planet. Trees are nature’s way of providing shade and natural cooling towers for the Earth. Trees also help nature create moisture in the environment. So all of this caused our planet to not be able to provide the environment for nature to perform as it did before the 1940’s. We have to IMMEDIATELY change that because once the North and South Poles ice has all melted as well as all the earth’s ice glaciers and snow covered mountains are gone this planet will be doomed into becoming a hell on earth as the Sun will then start the path of baking the Earth into looking like Venus! WE HAVE TO go back to flying ONLY propeller airplanes which don’t suck up air or heat air up or pollute the air as jet planes do! We ALL also have to stop driving combustion engine vehicles and start driving electric cars or use another way to transport people and goods. But do something NOW before it is too late!