Sadly soon in the future us humans will be forced to do this to most animals on Earth as the world turns into a hard place to live for most species because of the ending of the Ice Age which the Earth has been in for the last thousands or millions of years and enter a new phase for the Earth where the Sun will take away much of the way we all, humans, animals and plant life live. And just a quick question, who is going to feed the Polar Bears because soon in about 3 years there will be no more ice in the North pole during summers. Well, Polar Bears hibernate and sleep all winter. They come out of their dens of hibernation in the spring and till the next winter go to the waters where their food swims to hide on floating ice packs where they wait in hiding for seals to eat. Well, with no ice just what are these Polar Bears going to do? Go find a floating log or go to McDonalds or a garbage can near you? It’s up to you folks to set up feed/water/care stations for Polar Bears and most other animals and mammals throughout the world because Mother Nature is going to change the world we live in soon and it’s going to be impossible for many species to survive without our help! So it’s time to stop sending or spending money on environmental support campaigns and others and instead actually do something to get a feed/water/care station set up wherever you can. The animals of the world are counting on us humans to save them from the rough life that nature will create in the new world we are now entering, the post ice age era. Why hasn’t anyone talked about this yet? Well, can I ask all of you to start addressing this issue now because the animals of the planet need solutions to the problems that they are going to face!