Just as miners use canaries when mining to insure that there is enough air to breathe butterflies are the insects that are our above ground canary in the cage watched alert system and the whole world heeds not the warnings as the butterflies and many other species lives are forever gone because of our greed and selfishness due to our polluting lifestyles but instead read and talk about it and do nothing to stop the damage they do! Butterflies fly around a lot and look for food. Butterflies wings take in a lot more heat during global warming times. Then Butterflies are very picky eaters and won’t eat food not good for them. We have polluted their food and heated up their flights and temporary living places that they need to survive. Birds and butterflies are having a rough time flying in heated weather. Go run a mile on a very hot day and you’ll see. Try running a hundreds to thousands of miles in the heat with no good amount of food or water and you’ll feel some pain of going forward. Do that everyday and you’ll have walked a mile in the butterflies shoes and see the misery we caused them! Wake up everybody! The animal and insect world is collapsing because of environmental damage and we need big solutions immediately initiated to stop the destruction of our planet! Planet Earth can only take so much damage before Mother Nature’s life support system of clouds and rain starts shutting down and it’s too late to stop that shut down! I told you how to immediately stop global warming and you ignore me. I worn you of what will happen if you don’t stop it. You better listen to what I have to say! Once the clouds are gone we and all live are gone! Our planet Earth is in a evolutionary process unlike anything Earth has ever experience. I will lay out the evolutionary cycle soon. But think not what title I hold or education I have. Just look at the facts of what I say. You better get your act together and save yourselves!