Ron McCune <presidentron999@gmail.com>Tue, Dec 20, 2022, 5:59 PM
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Water. Weight. Gravity. Slabs of humongous rocks assembled together to form Earth. Earthquakes. Global warming. More water. More gravity. More quakes that are also more serious. What happens when the North and South Pole melt in about 15-25 years? Can anyone out there please answer this? NASA? ANYONE! facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 has something to say about this that all of you should read because all hell is going to break out on Earth in about 20-30 years as the Earth takes a very quick spin into a whole new climate era that will very quickly lead to a weather pattern that will lead to the death of this planet! I’m warning you! You better all wake up and save this planet or you can all kiss your butts goodbye because in 20-30 years you all will be fighting for your lives as you try to survive on a planet that will be daily cooked by the Sun and all water will evaporate, in land first and then the oceans. Then people and animals will use up whatever water there is on the planet but there will be no more rain and very few clouds worldwide to create more water. Then as no more water is available most of the people and animals will die from thirst or lack of food farming will end. Mass starvation, chous, riots, breakdown in social order, collapse of all nations and law and order will follow! On facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 is why global warming is happening and how to stop it. More info is being added periodically. Good Luck everyone because of my health I won’t be around much longer to try to save all of you from the future that awaits you. And remember what I say before you vote because our next president is going to have to start laying out a plan and getting it initiated before this global warming gets worse and harder to solve which it will if Trump is re-elected. So everyone PLEASE join together and save yourselves