Tue, Dec 20, 2022, 6:13 PM
to me

What I’d like to discuss with all of you here is a new way to get everyone and everything from point A to point B. This new transportation system is more efficient, less costly, pollution free, accident free and enjoyable ride to most anywhere you want to go in metropolitan areas, perhaps even long distance. This new transportation system will also securely deliver you or your goods to your home, office or factory. Being that this new transportation system can’t have accidents it will drastically cut down on the cost of auto insurance and insurance cost of all kinds while also relieving traffic congestion which means less needs for building bigger roadways. Also this new transportation system will give people more incentive to not have to feel like they have to get an auto in order to get around. This new transportation system will be a family friendly, safe, enjoyable ride that can be converted into a roller coaster ride if you like, a sight seeing ride if you like, and it will offer people a less costly way to get around which means that people will get out more to enjoy life more. This new transportation system will not pollute the environment in any way, I believe, so it will drastically cut down on air pollution and slow global warming.

Now to understand how this new transportation system can do all of this I ask you first this question. What is the easiest way to move anything or anyone from point A to point B? I believe that it is those things that I think that are called roller bars platforms. They use them in many manufacturing plants to move goods along assembly lines. Things weighing 100’s of pounds are easily pushed forward somehow along these ramps that have rollers on them that the things move forward on. There is less friction with these type of roller platforms which allows things to move over them easily. We need to design a transportation system that utilizes this technology so that we have roller bar platforms that are as nice looking inside and comfortable as cars are and can hold a whole family or one person or a truckload or a package. These platforms will hold one person or can have more transport platforms put together to hold larger groups of people like families or friends. These moving platforms could be programmed to take you where you want to go so that everyone can enjoy the ride, And no D.U.I.’s with this new transportation system so people can go out and party without worrying about driving. Less accidents means less deaths and injuries which means less insurance cost. Also this new transportation system will make it so that whatever vehicle you do have will cost you less to maintain because you will be driving it less.

Now comparing this new transportation system with the way you do things now let me just say this. Now you make and drive a vehicle weighting 1000’s of pounds driving on a forever expensive roadway that is dangerous, injurious and deadly in vehicles that are dangerous, injurious and deadly and always needing repairs. Or you can take a ride on a platform that will deliver you or any of your goods right to your doorstep.

This new transportation system can be built on multi-level platforms alongside expressways, roadways or in the middle of highways. They can also be built above water drainage ditches and most anywhere else without having to build roadways.

This new transportation system can be powered by the Sun or windmills or watermills or other non-polluting ways. An electrical charged simple gear box system should easily be able to be used to move these platforms. That will insure low maintenance cost and cost of products needed. It can be hook up with a security system so that all are recorded to insure safety at all times. I will post more on this later.