All of you should look into an observation that I have seen. I want you all to look at the weather maps that were recently put out by I believe was a government agency of the U.S. or maybe someone else. These weather maps show the melting of the North Pole’s ice for the last 60-70 years. As you observe these maps one thing sticks out very much and that is that there is a lot of warming of the ice in the North Pole coming from the Russian side of the North Pole. It seems like there is massive amounts of warm water entering the North Pole area from Russia. I don’t know if this is being caused by global warming and it is effecting the ice cold marshes I believe they are called in Russia which are now melting and it’s water is draining into the North Pole area or if it is caused by Putin and Russia doing something in that part of the world which is causing the ice marshes to melt. Some HAS TO look into this because if we can’t in some way stop this from continuing to happen then whatever is happening up there with this warm water from Russia’s marshes from entering the North Pole area then in a decade or less our North Pole will be ice free. Now I want you all to realize that that is what Putin and Russia and China want to happen because Putin is already building Naval Ports along Russia’s northern border and training their Navy personnel on how to operate those naval ports. Russia and China have big plans on using the water way along Russia’s northern border to sail ships from China to Europe and America’s East coast. So Russia is interested in making the North Pole ice free. So we better look into why this massive amounts of warm water is coming from Russia into the North Pole. Now some may say that this may be caused by global warming but then if that is so then why isn’t the Greenland’s marshes been melting as much as the Russian marshes? Something is strange here. Something is not right! We have to figure this out quickly because we either stop this or this may put the Earth on a death march that it can’t stop! The Earth can’t tolerate an environment that doesn’t have enough cold weather caused by the ice and snow on the Earth. The Earth can’t survive and environment where most of the Earth’s weather is like the weather we now have in the tropics. Insects would overwhelm our environment, our farms and our lives and health. As the ice and snow of the world melts it may today turn into much more rain and severe weather but eventually over a few decades will evaporate into the atmosphere as it disappears from the Earth forever. Once the earth hits a certain point it will be too late to turn things around to save the planet! So we better start doing all we can to stop the beginning of the end of the Earth!