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This article I have posted about a iceberg floating towards an Island shows the force that water has in moving large objects like icebergs and how we can control the directional movements and preservation of icebergs! It also gave me an idea on how maybe we can save the ice and water of the Earth from the hot rays of the Sun’s heat and evaporational powers! And while I’m yaking I’ll even show you how to decrease your electric bill while showing you another way to preserve the world’s ice, snow and water which is very important information which to this day hasn’t been done yet! WHY?

If you look at how that iceberg traveled towards the island you’ll notice the ocean’s water currents undertow I think they are called pushing against the island created a pool of water force that turned that iceberg into another direction and hopefully is stirring that iceberg away from that island. If that was possible then we should be able to stir icebergs by applying stirring forces of some sort to guild icebergs to where we want them to go. Perhaps planes or helicopters or ships or a zillion birds or a pack of whales or how about one just one of you just ONE, tell me what is the easiest way to move these big icebergs anywhere you want? And how to you preserve the iceberg, how do you get the to slow it’s melting process? Come on college folks, what’s the answer? How about you at NASA? Got the answer? Perhaps we can get NASA to get to work and solve our Earthly problems instead of being the number one cause of global warming with all their fantasy trips into outer space with vessels of death of our planet called rockets and the biggest cigar rocket of all the Space Shuttle which was as hot as the Sun! And all the rockets of all kinds and also jet engine airplanes of all kinds that we have used over time have vacuumed up, heated up and polluted this thing, this life giving bubble, this atmospheric bubble called Earth’s atmosphere that all life on Earth live in to a point where the temperature of the Earth has increased dramatically and dangerously to the point where the we humans have caused the end of the Ice Age which is happening before our blinded eyes!

FACT!!!!! We can end global warming in 1-3 months easily!!!!!! How? Well that’s question 2. First to question 1. But first I want all of you to pause and see if you can come up with an answer to my questions before I tell you.

O.K. Here is the answer to question 1. The easiest way to stir icebergs is to take some ecologically safe strong material and make that material into strong chains. Anchor those long chains onto the iceberg and attach those long chains to ships that are going to pull that iceburg to where you want it to go. Have multiple mechanisms and ways in the chain that can allow the ship to unchain itself from the iceberg if needed to do that. Make all of the material ecologically friendly like bamboo so that all material used won’t harm the environment. We can use metal chains in the attachments that are close to the boats but near the iceberg make all materials ecologically friendly so that we don’t create more harm in other ways if and when we have to disengage with the iceberg. Bamboo and that seaweed or even our best nature BUDdy, POT can rescue us again in our time of many needs! In fact pot and bamboo as well as all the other available vegetation on Earth should be used to solve our other global warming problem! That is how do we preserve icebergs as well as all the ice, snow and water we have on Earth! If we were to put pot and seaweed other organic material and other vegetation all over the ice and snow we will effectively stopped the hot rays of the Sun from either melting the ice or snow or slowed it up drastically! And if we were to take these ecologically friendly materials and make ropes and coverings of sorts we can use them to attach the ropes and coverings to mountains and mountain ranges where ice flows are cover them up somehow safely. If the Sun’s rays never reach the ice or snow or water then the objects won’t melt as fast! It’s as simple as that! Do It! NOW!!!!! We could even shut down drastically the amount of heat we have in our environment by doing the same thing with our deserts! If we were to cover the big desert parts of Southern California with this vegetation stuff and maybe if all right all the nature’s clippings from lawn services that are microwaved or heated up from the Sun to kill any things you won’t want to be there. Instead of filling garbage dumps with lawn waste maybe we can use it to cover the sands of our deserts so to create less heat. If you create less heat you will have more cold molecules in the environment! We can create a whole new weather pattern from northern California to the midwest and all the way to Mexico if we were to lessen the amount of heat in the atmosphere in ways that are forever. The wind currents in that part of the world swirl around from the oceans and into the landmass in the same patterns. If you have that moisture in the wind currents increased with moisture from caused by rain caused by the now increased cloud formation which was caused by the cooling of temperatures in that part of the world which was caused by all the hot spots now not being allowed to be hot no more then surely Mother Nature would certainly turn California ALL of America and Mexico and many other areas into a cloud and rain making area!

Also another idea of mine popped up in my mind that will help preserve the world’s ice and snow as well as lower your electric bill! Being poor and never having a car with working air conditioning I have learned ways to survive. When I go shopping I take those thin plastic bags that they have in grocery stores in the vegetable section and put my ice cream, milk and other cold items in them to keep them colder as I drive my hot car home to put away my groceries. Once i get home I keep the ice cream and milk in the thin plastic bags and I noticed that my ice cream always got and stayed very hard in the fridge after i put it in there. Even after I took the ice cream out to eat it I would eat it with my hands holding the ice cream container that still had the plastic covering around it. And guess what folks, that ice cream will not melt from the warmed of your hands! In fact that ice cream as well as all the other items I did this too were able to retain their coldness better than if they weren’t covered in this thin plastic! Well common sense will tell you that when you keep cold molecules from reacting with hot molecules or lessen or increase the temperature of molecules you can have results of some kind! Put thin plastic wraps on all of your cold products in the fridge and let’s see what happens! I believe your electric bill will come down as warmer molecules in your fridge won’t be able to come in contact with products in your fridge and also this provides an insulating area of colder molecules against refrigerated products so to help keep products colder! That’s how you do it for your fridge now let’s do the same for all the ice and snow and water on the Earth!

Pot rope and pot or bamboo anchors and vegetation of all kinds is all we need to cover and pull these floating icebergs to wherever we want it to be! Heck let’s park them at the South Pole and anchor them to mountains! Let’s put enclosed vegetation underneath icebergs and on top as much as possible so to hold the colder molecules against the iceberg instead of letting warmer ocean water or air to splash or move against it.Build 100 feet square blocks of vegetation that you put over all the ice and snow that you want to preserve. Put the blocks on bamboo shoots to raise it up from the water or ice or snow when needed to. This should be all we need to successfully pull this off! Get to work everybody and let’s do this! We can either save our planet or face the consequences of not doing so as the Ice Age ends and Mother nature takes a turn towards the end of life on Earth!

FACT!!!!! we can end global warming in 1-3 months if we were to all stop flying rockets, jet planes and stop using combustion engine vehicles and devices! I show you why that is a fact! And I’ll show you what will happen if we don’t and what will happen if we do! The Ice Age is over in 3 years folks! What will happen is not even being discussed! WHY?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!