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All of you better read what you face at

https://facebook.com/ron.mccune.3 because in 2023 the North Pole will not have much ice and snow if any during Spring, Summer and Fall months! And guess what that means everybody? What’s the answer NASA? How about all of you smart college folks that are suppose to know everything and everyone else out there, what does not much ice and snow during Spring, Summer and Fall mean in the North Pole? ………… I’m waiting for the answer? …………………………

IT MEANS THE ICE AGE IS OVER AND MOTHER NATURE WILL REPROGRAM IT’S NEW FOUND NATURAL RESOURCES TO ACT ACCORDINGLY! What this video shows is Mother Nature reacting today to what molecule trash we pump up into our room that we all live in, this enclosed room we call Earth, this bubble room we all live in called an atmosphere, this room that holds whatever heat and polluted molecules we put up into it and then mixes all that heat and polluted molecules we humans put into our bubble room atmosphere with all the things that Mother Nature can do to let all life live in this atmospheric bubble that surrounds this flying rock we live on that we call Earth, our beautiful, magnificent, amazing paradise that all life gets to enjoy! And what you see is what you get from all the things you do! What weather patterns that were are no more! What you see is what you get! All hell is going to break loose worldwide as Mother Nature’s bubble we live in is going to go through some very ugly, disastrous, readly turns as it hobbles it’s way into new horizons Mother Nature has never seen which eventually will within about 20 years will result in Mother Nature’s cloud and rain making apperatise shutting down because pollution and heat shut down Mother Nature’s natural forces that gave Earth the possibility to create the only thing that gave Earth the ability to have life on Earth and that is clouds and rain. Take away the rain and you have no trees and vegetation. Take away trees and vegetation and you have no clouds. Take away the clouds and you have no rain and no other way to shade the Earth from the deadly hot rays of the Sun that CAN evaporate all water and moisture in the atmosphere of any planet if the Sun’s hot rays are not blocked in some way from the Sun. Look at our deserts and look at Mars, Venus and every other rock floating in space around Suns! None of them have an atmospheric bubble like Earth! Preserve that atmospheric bubble or you will all DIE!

Folks, we can end global warming in 1-3 months simply by not allowing anyone to fly rockets of any kind anymore and not fly jet engine airplanes anymore. We have to go back to flying propeller airplanes or use other means of transportation. Then we all have to stop using combustion engine vehicles and start using electric power vehicles or other means of transportation. Do these things and the global temperature will come down a lot even if we do nothing else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will cause Mother Nature to be able to provide a really nice planet to live on as Mother Nature would then have a different bunch of hot and cold molecules and less pollution in the bubble we live in and a lot more of them because we will be no longer burning/heating and polluting our Mother Nature’s cloud and rain making system which will create massive clouds and rain worldwide which will lead to a whole new Earth that you can live on that can be very very very beautiful!!