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You know what really blows my mind about things is how folks talk about happenings but don’t do anything to solve whatever problem they see. It’s like you folks like to just sit there and watch life’s disasters and pay no attention or concern or need to solve your oncoming problems. You folks have a difficult time facing the realities you will face!

Concerning this article. It’s interesting, isn’t it? Now what are you going to do about it? What’s it you may say or do about what you may say or what can you do you may say but that not the answer we need. I need to know what are you going to do about all these massive amounts of insects that will soon be a more common thing if global warming keeps going higher which it will considering that everyday we are putting over 10,000 and most likely more of these things into the sky whose exhaust is from 800 degrees to 2500 degrees that fly around in our must stay cool region of our planet’s upper atmospheric system where our most sacred, most needed, most life giving apperatise that a planet can have, the one and only thing that a planet must have to create life and that is what? Come on folks, all of you, what is it? CLOUDS!!!!!!!! Then to add to our madness of global warming nightmares now and to be is the biggest reason we have an enormous increase in global warming in the last 60 years is these extremely hot objects that emit exhaust as hot as the Sun and near to it! And what is that folks? Rockets! Do you know that the heat of the Space Shuttle was as hot as the Sun. These heat emitted from these rockets is extremely hot! Our atmosphere has a cooling system that gets it’s colder molecules either from outer space or ice and snow on Earth. The things on Earth like trees and vegetation can provide shade from the Sun but shade is not enough to create cold molecules. The distance from the Sun during Earth’s rotation in winters will provide so much cold molecules but those cold molecules can be warmed if rubbed up against warmer molecules which we humans provide everyday with our rockets, jet planes, combustion engine cars and fossil fuel burning things. Large rain clouds are formed by cold and hot molecules rubbing against each other in the sky. Put too much heat in the mixture and you have less clouds. You can only put so much more cold into the atmosphere because the Earth doesn’t get extremely cold unless a supervolcano erupts and blackens the sky’s with dust the blocks the Sun rays from reaching the Earth for hundreds of years or more.

So seeing that the Ice Age looks like it’s over in about 2023 I like to ask all of you in joining in a plan that will end global warming in 1-3 months! The plan is to completely worldwide ban the flying of rockets and jet engine airplanes. We can always go back to using propeller airplanes which don’t cause global warming near as much as jet planes if at all. We should put off flying rockets so we can get the Earth’s temperature down immediately. We can figure out other ways to get things into outer space and why use rockets if they are the hottest form of heat we are putting into our atmosphere!

Then we also have to all stop using combustion engine vehicles and devices. We have to all start using electric cars or other types of transportation.

Just doing these few things would allow our earth’s temperature to cool as well as allow the formation of massive amounts of big rain clouds because right now the Earth’s atmosphere is set up to do that if temperatures were to be lowered. The big worldwide rain clouds would provide shade to cool the earth more and much needed rain worldwide. The cool molecules from outer space would within months cool done the Earth and global warming will be a thing of the past as leave the Ice Age and we enter a new stage of Earth’s existence! What will that be? Ha NASA? What’s the answer everybody? I’ll tell you soon! Stay posted to my Facebook Page to find out! It is https://www.facebook.com/ron.mccune.3

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