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The world is a changing! Unfortunately slowly. It’s up to us the innovators to grab the solutions to our problems and amass them to everyday life quickly so that we have no problems anymore. Don’t wait for others to lead the way, go forward strongly with solutions and others will gladly follow you to the path to solutions. Imagine beyond your limits to see what could be. Take what you need and figure out what you got and then assemble what you need. Incorporate all the forces of nature to help in any way to achieve what it is that you want to do or build. Let nature’s power be your power. Use Mother Nature’s power and forces in every way you can to live in every way you do. Nature has provided a home to the animal, mammal and insect world as well as us humans. They have had no problem living here since the beginning of time. The only problem they have is us humans who can’t even take nature’s powers of wind, sun, water, plants, vegistation, animals and more to help us humans live here. Instead us humans prefer to dig miles into the Earth and bring up the rotting decaying masses, the dinosaurs, and have their oily decaying guts pollute our world into uninhabitability! Wake up folks, and save yourselves! Stop having prejudisms. Stop having prejudisms against solutions! Find the solutions to your problems quick because we are at the end of the Ice Age! We have only less than 10 years at the most of having a planet that resembles anything like we have today! In about 3 years 90% or more of North Pole’s ice and snow will not be there during the Spring, Summer, and Fall times of the year. Winters as we knew them will be a thing of the past! The whole Northern hemisphere will become a warmer weather climate and Nature will change climate patterns accordenately. Florida and Arizona type weather will steadily yearly move more Northward. Then for a period of 3-5 years you will see massive storms and droughts worldwide as hot man made molecules in the atmosphere overpowers the limited cold molecules from outer space that are entering the atmospheric bubble surrounding Earth that we and all life on. In 2023 it looks like the North Pole will no longer have any if any ice or snow except during the winter months and maybe a month of the Autumn and Spring time. The Polar Bears cubs will be exposed to wolfs so Polar Bear moms will have difficult times figuring out how to live in this new world we created for them. With no ice to use to catch their food in waters should we built floating artificial icebergs for walruses and others to rest on as they dodge those that want them for lunch. Do we set up hiding places on the artificial icebergs for the Polar Bears so that they can at least get to experience the chase on ice that they will see no more! Or should we set up a paw through lane at your local fast food restaurant, garbage can, business or home? Folks, set up Polar Bear feeding stations where needed every so many mies now so that Polar Bears now today will see that they have a way to survive as they watch their world fall apart before their eyes! Now getting back to your future. As more water melts into the oceans more fresh water enters the oceans. This fresh water easily evaporates by the Sun. Either those evaporated water molecules return to the Earth as rain or that water molecule disappears from the Earth forever because the Sun will have evaporated that water molecule entirely into nothing! Water evaporation is the cause of death of any life on any planet. Without water you would have no life. Look at Mars, Venus and Mercury and you’ll see river paths with no water. The Sun gives us energy to live on Earth. The clouds give us the water to live on Earth as well as giving the Earth shade from the powerful heat of the Sun. The Sun can only warm the Earth so much. If it were that the only heat being put into the atmosphere was from the heat of the Sun then we would never have a global warming problem. Buy us humans have put these things called rockets into our atmosphere that heat up to be as hot as the Sun! I heard that the Space Shuttle exhaust was as hot as the Sun! And how many Space Shuttles were flown! Since 2010 we have been sending numerous rockets every year into outer space! Let’s add up all the heat that all these rockets produced and let’s put two and two together and figure out what it is that we are doing to create global warming and how to stop it! Is that too hard to do folks? Then add in all the damage that was caused over time by these gigantic vacuum/heating/polluting machines that you call jet planes that are daily 24/7/365 days a year sucking, burning up and polluting the very stuff we humans need to live on which is air! You can end global warming in 1-3 MONTHS if you were never to fly rockets and jet planes ever again as well as stop using all combustion engine vehicles! Go back to using propeller airplanes to fly and use electric cars to drive or use other types of transportation. Do those things and global warming will SURELY END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You got a catastrophe coming when there is no more cold weather during Spring, Summer and Fall months of the year. After the Earth goes through a period of storms and droughts worldwide the farms will have a rough time creating crops, floods will happen a lot, hurricanes will become stronger and more frequent like one after another as oceans become water bowling lanes for storms to barrel their way around the planet. After the period of storms and the Sun evaporates enough water from the Earth you will see first the hot days every day as the Sun overpowers Mother Nature’s cloud making apperatise due to the Earth not having enough vegetation to produce moisture for clouds to form. Dust storms will happen as parts of the Earth start having weather conditions like Africa does. Plants, vegetation, animals and us humans need water to survive or we die. Vegetation dries up after after 3-5 years of no water. Look at what happened to Africa! That is what happens when there isn’t enough moisture molecules in the atmosphere. The whole Earth will turn into being like Africa as life becomes more extinct as nature no longer provides rain to live and clouds to shade the Earth. Please take action now to save your planet before it’s too late to save your planet at all! You only have a few years to change course because once the North and South Poles ice and snow are gone then the world is in a whole new weather pattern that you folks won’t like or survive!